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    IPR is a station designed to serve the Pagan communities. It is a place where you can tune in to hear a wide range of music by Pagan artists; as well a variety of shows from talented and knowledgeable hosts. Mobile users require TuneIn Radio.

    Welcome To International Pagan Radio

    International Pagan Radio is known the world round; both in and out of the Pagan communities. It's a place where all can come, not just for music, but also for spiritual, educational, and fun shows. It's also a place where all can come and gain stronger unity for the entire Pagan community and beyond. No matter what country we're from or the path we follow, we can all come to this station and be one people, one voice, with a dream, and a brighter future.

    Brad Murphey (Murphey's Midnight Rounders) says that Pagan is not a genre, it is a subject. We agree with him. You will hear Pagan music from around the world and many different genres here at International Pagan Radio. We hope you enjoy our eclectic mix.

    Caldera Fest 2017 tickets are now available!

    Caldera Fest 2016 was an amazing event, as you can tell by our event gallery. Don't miss the second one. Caldera Fest 2017 will be October 5-9, 2017 in Lafayette, GA.

    Get your tickets now!!!

    Why donate?

    International Pagan Radio operates out of the pocket of the owners (Chuck and William). There are no paid advertisements. Running this station is far from free. In order to keep this station going, there are expenses like licenses and fees, royalties to artists, the fees for the stream to which you listen, and the website hosting service. This does not include the incidental costs of keeping paper copies of all reports filed to royalty agencies.

    Your generosity by purchasing items in our online shop or donations goes to keep this phenomenal community resource on the air. For that we thank you.

    IPR Spotlight

    Once a month we typically do what's called a spotlight. This is where we invite an artist or band on the air to discuss their work and for their audience to get to know a bit more about them, on and off stage.

    On August 30th, IPR will shine the spotlight on Sencha the Vate!!


    Tue: Specials


    IPR Spotlight

    Magick Jukebox


    Wed: Storytime with Rook

    Thu: SURN

    Fri: Ask A Witch

    Sat: Way of the Taibhsear

    Sun: Raven's Reflections


    Special Guests

    Special Guests are always welcome. If you or someone you know would like to be a special guest on one of our shows; just go to our contacts page and send us an email.